Creating Component

We can use console line input (CLI) to generate new angular component, where componentName is the name of your component.

ng generate component componentName

It can be simply as:

ng g c componentName
CREATE src/app/component-name/component-name.component.html (33 bytes)
CREATE src/app/component-name/component-name.component.spec.ts (678 bytes)
CREATE src/app/component-name/component-name.component.ts (300 bytes)
CREATE src/app/component-name/component-name.component.css (0 bytes)
UPDATE src/app/app.module.ts (426 bytes)

4 files related to your component name will be created, and your app.module.ts file will be updated. Basically your new component will be added in your app.module.ts. The four newly created file are the view (.html), and core (.ts), and css (.css), and test case (spec.ts).

We can see the output of our component by adding


in app.component.html in your project, and the result should look like this.

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