Bootstrap Confirmation

Bootstrap confirmation is a JavaScript library that pop up a small confirmation box on something clicked. It requires jQuery, and Bootstrap 3 (or Popper.js + Bootstrap 4) installed.

In Grails GSP. Assume we have a controller in Grails that has a function def doSomething(CommandObject commandObject){…} that take a commandObject with field variable xxx.

<g:form action="doSomething">
   <g:hiddenField name="" value="${}"/>
   <button id="delete-btn" type="button" class="btn btn-danger">Delete</button>

In JavaScript. The following js will find out the closest form from the button that has been clicked if the use click the OK button.

$(document).ready(function () {
      rootSelector: '[data-toggle=confirmation]',
      container: 'body',
      popout: true,
      title: "Confirm to delete?",
      btnOkClass: "btn btn-danger",
      btnCancelClass: "btn btn-default",
      onConfirm: function () {

Here only listed a few, for more options, go see

Instead of using id to select a html component, we can use class name to select multiple html components. Singleton option make sure only of confirmation box shows up.

singleton: true

Popout allows the confirmation box to be dismissed if it is on blur(Clicking elsewhere other than the confirmation box).

popout: true
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